Weekly Reading Plans :: 05.13.12

On May 12, 2012, in Weekly Reading, by Shoreline

The Story Reading

Sunday- The Story Chapter 15 (pgs. 203-206)
Monday- The Story Chapter 15 (pgs. 206-209)
Tuesday- The Story Chapter 15 (pgs. 209-213)
Wednesday- The Story Chapter 15 (pgs. 213-215)
Thursday- The Story Chapter 15 (pgs. 215-217)
Friday- Obadiah
Saturday- Proverbs 25-26

Bible in a Year (Chronological Reading)

Sunday- 2 Samuel 11-12; 1 Chronicles 20
Monday- Psalm 32; 51; 86; 122
Tuesday- 2 Samuel 13-15
Wednesday- Psalms 3-4; 12-13; 28; 55
Thursday- 2 Samuel 16-18
FridayPsalms 26; 40; 58; 61-62
Saturday- 2 Samuel 19-21

Memorize/Reflect: “If today you will be a servant to these people and serve them and give them a favorable answer, they will always be your servants.” (1 Kings 12:7)

Personal Reflection: How do I bring unity and peace when I enter a group? What are ways that I create division and conflict in my relational world? How can I change these dangerous and unhealthy patterns?

Discussion: How did Solomon’s divided heart and home lead to a divided nation? How was nation of Israel damaged because of this division? How can similar divisions pop up in the church and what can we do to avoid them?

Prayer Direction: Pray for unity in your heart, life, home, and at Shoreline Community Church. Ask God to protect us from the poison of division.

“Live It!” Challenge: If you are experiencing division in a relationship in your life, contact this person as soon as you can and seek to meet and work toward healing and restoration.

Monthly Prayer Focus: This will be our final week focusing on listening to the Lord in prayer. Ask God, “Where do I have a divided heart or life?” Ask God to give you strength to seek unity in any broken relationship.

Extra Resources for this week: Make sure you have a copy of The Story. Also, consider buying a copy of the book, A Tale of Three Kings. This book, by Gene Edwards, takes a unique and powerful look at King Saul, King David, and the short reign of King Absalom.

Small Group Resources for this week: Chapter 14 of The Story: Getting to the Heart of God’s Story (Adult Curriculum). You can purchase this 31-week study for 40% off at the Connections Center in the Shoreline lobby. (If you can’t afford this and are going to be part of a group, please contact Romel.)

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