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Photo of  Nate  Tibbs
Nate Tibbs Student Ministries Pastor

Nate serves as our high school pastor. He has 12 years of youth ministry experience, and has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and theology, with a minor in biblical counseling. Nate and his wife Cady were married in July 2005 and joined the Shoreline family in March 2011. They have an incredible story of how God brought them together in Jamaica, even though Nate is a native of San Diego and Cady was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. They both enjoy all forms of athletic competition; however, Cady is much better at basketball.

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Photo of  Daniel  Killough
Daniel Killough Middle School Coordinator

Danny has lived in Monterey since he was 10 years old, moving here after his father retired from serving the US Navy. He gave his life to Christ when he was 17 years old while attending a summer camp trip that Shoreline’s High School Ministry took him on. Since then Danny has developed a passion for sharing God’s word and a heart for serving in youth ministry. He was hired on at Shoreline in January of 2009 and is so thankful that God has given him the opportunity to serve in church ministry. Danny leads a team of volunteers that share his passions for serving God and pouring into the lives of middle school students. He also spends a lot of time preparing messages from the bible, planning/leading events, coordinating services/mid-week programs and developing relationships with students and their families. Danny also has a heart for global missions and serves as Co-Leader for Shoreline’s Mexico Missions Trips. Some hobbies that Danny enjoys are skateboarding, riding his bike and hiking.

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