Weekly Reading :: 9.14.14

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Reading Plan for next week’s message

SundayGenesis 45
MondayGenesis 46
TuesdayGenesis 47
WednesdayGenesis 48
ThursdayGenesis 49
FridayGenesis 50
SaturdayDaniel 3

You’ll Get Through This
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When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze.

(Isaiah 43:2)

Prayer Direction: Ask God to help you meet Him, even when you are “hitting the wall” and feeling like you might not be able to press onward. Ask for the power and presence of God to fill you when you are in the cisterns of life!

“Live It!” Challenge – Let God Handle It! : Reflect on Genesis 50:19-21 and Romans 12:17-21. Ask God to help you trust him to be judge and punish sin. If there is someone you are retaliating against because of past hurt, take action to show this person grace and stop seeking to hurt them back.

Growth Group Discussion: 
During this series we will be using the small group questions provided in the You’ll Get Through This study guide written by Max Lucado and Kevin and Sherry Harney. These can be purchased at a discount in the Shoreline Café. This guide will provide all the discussion materials for the next six weeks. If you can’t afford a copy of this and need one, please contact Jillian at growthgroups@shorelinechurch.org and we can loan you a copy for the six weeks of this series.


You’ll Get Through This

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You’ll Get Through This

We have all had tough days, weeks, months, and even years. The question that runs through our minds in these times is, will I make it through? The story of Joseph (from the book of Genesis) brings hope in hard times and light in the darkest of nights. Join us as we walk with Joseph and learn that God can take what was meant for evil and use it for Good. He can redeem what seems utterly broken. And, no matter how hard things seem, God never leaves us alone. Do you need encouragement, hope, a vision for the future, and meaning in the storms of life, join us for this six-week series at Shoreline Community Church.

During this six-week series we encourage you to get involved with a Growth Group. Email growthgroups@shorelinechurch.org to get connected!

Max Lucado’s book, You’ll Get Through This, and the study guide by Max Lucado and Kevin and Sherry Harney are both available online or are available for a discount in the Shoreline Café.

Weekly reading guide will be available every Sunday.

Services times: Sunday Morning – 8:30, 10 and 11:30 a.m. AND Monday Night – 6:30 p.m.
(Sign Language interpretation at 11:30 a.m. service)


Weekly Reading :: 9.7.14

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Reading Plan for next week’s message

SundayGenesis 37
MondayGenesis 39
TuesdayGenesis 40
WednesdayGenesis 41
ThursdayGenesis 42
FridayGenesis 43
SaturdayGenesis 44

Deeper: What if Every Person Embraced and Supported God’s Vision for Shoreline?
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For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.” (Luke 19:10)

Prayer Direction: Ask God to bring His mission and vision for your life alive in your heart at a deeper level than you have every experienced. Pray for Shoreline to grow as a catalyst to help churches all over the world become more effective in sharing the love, message, and truth of Jesus!

“Live It!” Challenge – Sign Up This Week: Go to the Organic Outreach Conference website (www.organicoutreach.com) and sign up for this year’s Organic Outreach Conference: Level Up!

Growth Group Discussion: 

  1. How has God used the ministry of Shoreline Church to connect you to Jesus and to grow you in faith and change your life?
  2. What makes it hard or challenging for you to share your faith with others?
  3. Read: Luke 9:1-10. How did Zacchaeus’ encounter with Jesus and faith in the Savior change his life? What specific and tangible transformation did Zacchaeus experience?
  4. Jesus declared that he (the Son of Man) came to seek and save the lost. Who are lost people that you love and care about and how are you seeking to reach out to them with the love of Jesus?
  5. Read: Galatians 5:19-25. This passage paints a picture of people before knowing Jesus and after putting their faith in the Savior and being filled with the Holy Spirit. Describe the before and after pictures from this passage. Tell a story about yourself or someone you know who has experienced real and lasting life change because of knowing Jesus.
  6. Fruit takes time to grow…it done not ripen over night! Share one fruit of the Spirit you sense God is growing in you (but you are in process…not fully where God wants you to be). How can your group members pray for you and encourage you as you seek to mature in this aspect of your spiritual life?
  7. Read: John 4:21-24. We are taught, in this passage that God is actually seeking people who will worship Him (in the right way). What does this teach us about the heart of God? What does it teach us about the importance of our worship?
  8. What is one step you can take to go deeper as a worshipper when we gather as a church family to praise God? What is one way you can worship with greater passion as you walk through an ordinary day?

Weekly Reading :: 8.31.14

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Reading Plan for next week’s message

SundayEphesians 1
MondayEphesians 2
TuesdayEphesians 3
WednesdayEphesians 4
ThursdayEphesians 5
FridayEphesians 6
SaturdayJohn 17

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Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.” (John 4:23 )

Prayer Direction: Pray for a heart that worships and celebrates God at all times and in all places. Ask God to help you fully engage in gathered worship experiences…particularly in the aspects of worship you sometimes don’t engage in.

“Live It!” Challenge – Hands and Face: Explore lifting your hands to God as you pray, sing, and worship in your private times with God! Invite your face to reflect the joy you feel in your heart.

Growth Group Discussion: 

  1. When you hear the word worship, what good thoughts and images come to your mind? When you hear the word worship, what strange pictures and images come to your mind?
  2. Why do you think worship is so important to the heart of God? What do you think God sees and feels when His people worship Him with passion in Spirit and truth? How does God feel when we simply go through the motions of worship?
  3. Read: Romans 12:1-2. Worship is the engagement of our hearts and bodies in the flow of our daily lives. What are ways we can worship God at work, school, while driving, at the store, in tense moments with people in our life, in times of recreation, and in other daily experiences we face?
  4. Read: Hebrews 10:19-25. What has Jesus done to make worship possible and to open the way for us to come into the presence of the Father with confidence? What should this reality teach us about the privilege of worship?
  5. What does it mean to “spur others on to love and good deeds”? What are practical ways we can do this?
  6. Who “spurs you on” and why are you thankful to God for this person?
  7. What are some of the things that can keep us from meeting together (worshipping in community on a regular basis)? How can we get past these obstacles and make attending worship gatherings with God’s people a greater priority in our lives?

Weekly Reading :: 8.24.14

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Reading Plan for next week’s message

SundayExodus 20
MondayExodus 32 & 33
Tuesday2 Kings 22 & 23:30
WednesdayNehemiah 8 & 9
ThursdayPsalm 8, 100, & 145
FridayPsalm 146, 149, & 150
SaturdayDaniel 3

Deeper In Our Walk with Jesus (Discipleship)
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Jesus called them, and immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him.” (Matthew 4:21-22)

Prayer Direction: Pray for feet that walk in the paths of Jesus, a mouth that speaks like Jesus, and a heart that loves like Jesus. Pray for a growing joy and discipline of reading God’s Word and speaking with Him often in prayer.

“Live It!” Challenge – 7 Days in the Word: Make a commitment to find a good time each day (when your mind is alert and sharp) and read the daily reading listed above. Do this daily for seven days. Use this simple process: 1) Pray for God to open your heart to learn, 2) Read the assigned passages for the day, 3) Write down one lessons learned, 4) Write down one life action or application from the passage, 5) Pray for power to live out what you learned from God’s Word.

Growth Group Discussion: 

          1. What are signs and indicators in our lives that people can see when we are growing more in love with God?
          2. What changes in attitude and actions start to creep into your life when you are not walking closely with Jesus and when your heart is not growing in love with Him?
          3. What behaviors and practices help you connect more closely with God and keep you growing in love with Him? How can you increase your focus and intentionality when it comes to growing these specific behaviors and practices?
          4. Read: Psalm 119:1-8; 9-16; 105-112. What are some of the ways that reading and following God’s Word can impact our lives? How does regular engagement with the Bible take us deeper in our relationship with God?
          5. What are some dangers that we might face if we fail to read, study, and follow God’s Word?
          6. Read: John 17. What kinds of prayer does Jesus model in this chapter? How can you pray more like Jesus?
          7. Read: John 13:2-17. What do you learn from the example of Jesus in this chapter? What does this teach you about the heart of God?
          8. Christians are called to be like Jesus. What are some ways you can wash feet, serve humbly, and care for others in the coming month? How can your group members support you and keep you accountable as you grow in your service?


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