We believe in the efficacy of Christian Counseling at Shoreline Community Church. Dr. Timothy Clinton states “Christian Counseling proclaims Christ to searching hearts and, by dedicated soul care ministry, raises up people to live fully in His image.” Issues that necessitate the approach and professional level of a licensed Counselor are referred to trusted resources in the community.

Call Shoreline Community Church at 831.655.0100 for referral.

( Information about our Lay Counseling Ministry available here. )

Shoreline Community Church is committed to practicing counseling that blends the best of Theology and Psychology. Bible based and Christ centered, we believe that God is present in every session and we endeavor to hear from Him as we go through the therapeutic process. God is the author of healing, while Psychology can provide excellent tools and skills for use in guiding the hurting towards healing, growth and wholeness.

Currently there are two professional Counselors on staff: Nancy Cahalan, MFT and Dennis McFadden, MFT. Nancy Cahalan triage and assigns requests for counseling to the appropriate staff member, depending on presenting problem and area of expertise. To request an appointment call 831.238.3674 and your call will be promptly returned.

Our mission is to help as many people
as possible become totally committed
to Jesus Christ!