Dinner for Eight

What is Dinner For Eight?

Dinner for Eight (D48), is for EVERYONE. These dinners are an exciting way for those new to Shoreline to connect with others that have made Shoreline their church home. It is also an opportunity to invite friends and neighbors who don’t have a church home to experience Christian community informally. The emphasis is on fun and fellowship so you don’t have to be a great cook to participate!

Modeled on what Jesus loved to do (see Luke 5, 9, 19, and 22) – we invite you to share meals and Christian fellowship with new friends.



For more information, see below or email D48@shorelinechurch.org


Dinner For Eight Basics:

Groups of 6-12 people gather at least 4 times for a meal over the course of a calendar year.

Groups are formed by the Dinner For Eight leadership team at the beginning of each year. New groups may also be added during the year.

This is not about meeting with one’s current circle of Shoreline friends. This is about meeting new people you might not otherwise connect with, and connecting those new to Shoreline with those who call Shoreline home.

The Host for each group holds the first meal at their home. Where and when to meet subsequently is up to each group. Group members, other than the host, may hold subsequent gatherings in their homes, but are not required to do so.

The meal, which can be a dinner, lunch, picnic, or brunch, is typically a pot-luck.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will there be separate D48 groups for singles and couples?  No! Our intention is to mix everyone together. That way it will be more fun!
  2. Can my children participate? Each group is different. Some groups will welcome children, others will be adults only. You will indicate your preference when you register.
  3. What happens if the group I am assigned to doesn’t work for me? You can discuss this with the Dinner for Eight leadership team who can try to find a different group for you if that makes sense.
  4. What happens if I have to miss a group gathering? Please let your hosts know as soon as possible.
  5. Can my spouse/partner and I ask to be in a group with other people I know? Only if those friends are unchurched friends, family members, co-workers, etc. This is about making NEW connections.
  6. What if I have allergies or special needs? You are asked to indicate your allergies and special needs on the registration form so that we can help you find an appropriate group for you and so that your host can be sensitive to your situation.
  7. Can we have our meal at a restaurant? Yes, if that is what the group decides. However, this is not encouraged, both because it could be a financial hardship for some, and also because the restaurant setting is often not as ideal for conversation.
  8. What happens at the end of the year? Current Participants are invited to join a new D48 group, and hosts are asked if they are willing to host again. New hosts and participants are invited as well. [Of course we hope the friendships developed through D48 continue outside of the D48 gatherings]


Our mission is to help as many people
as possible become totally committed
to Jesus Christ!