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Home Groups are Back!

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High School Home Group locations.

Wednesdays – 6:30-8:30PM Pacific Grove Home Group – 1284 Adobe Lane, Pacific Grove, CA
Thursdays – 6:30-8:30PM San Benancio Home Group – 48 Harper Canyon Road, Salinas, CA
Fridays (NEW) – 6:30-8:30PM Seaside Home Group – 144 Luzon Road, Seaside, CA

Home Groups start back up April 9th!

Contact Carlie for more information.


Children’s and Student Ministry Follow Up

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We are stoked on your interest in ministry. 

You have heard God talking to you and you are ready to answer, so way to go you.

This is the no hard sell page to get a little more info on children’s and student’s ministries at Shoreline.  Getting involved in people’s spiritual development is scary and messy; we know you may be freaking out right now so please let us hold your hand through the process.

Step one, don’t commit to anything right now.

That’s right, don’t commit right now.

 You want to make sure you land in the right spot, a place where you are ready to be stretched.  So just come in once or twice and check out what God is doing in the lives of children and students.  In other words, come snorkeling.

Just snorkel right now…stay close to the beach and hang out on the surface.  It’s safe and its fun.  Click on an email below and get more info about snorkeling.  When you are ready to dive deep, we will get your oxygen tanks and wet suit.  But for now, here is a snorkel and some fins…lets have some fun together.

Children’s Ministry

We serve birth through 5th grade on Sunday mornings and Monday nights.  If you want to rock infants or read stories to babies, then we’ve got you covered.  If you are looking to form relationships with elementary age kids and actually lead some conversation and activity, then we can do that as well.  If you love hamming it up on stage and want to do a bit of acting and storytelling, we’d love to have you.

Email Christian Womack at cwomack@shorelinechurch.org and lets get you plugged in.

Student Ministry

The heart of this work is relationship.  If you love connecting with a small group of folks and investing in them, then keep reading.

Middle school and high school ministry are happening all week long.  Sunday mornings there is a dedicated environment for both groups.  During the week, there are home groups (for both ages) meeting in student’s homes.  It is highly relational and a ton of fun.  In addition to these organized times, you can find staff and volunteers hanging out on school campuses and at student’s events.

Email Carlie Hainline at chainline@shorelinechurch.org to get more details.


So, here is your mask and your fins. 

There is a ton of life just below the surface. 

Are you ready to snorkel with us? 

Cause we can’t wait to show you around.


March Missions Madness 2014

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March Missions Madness 2014 – High School

March 23-25th

During our 3-day missions trip, we will be ministering and serving in the Tenderloin at San Francisco City Impact and in the Monterey Community.

Cost: $99



We will be meeting Sunday at Shoreline at 4pm to check-in and register

SF City Impact Our high school team will be participating in a few different outreach opportunities at SF City Impact. Some will be working in the Food Bank, helping feed those who are hungry with a smile. Some will be on the Grocery Delivery team, helping deliver groceries door to door to those in need within the Tenderloin District. Some will help at the Rescue Mission and contribute to the worship services.

Monday PM: Return to Shoreline

Tuesday: Collaborating with the Middle School Ministry in various outreach projects including food pantry, Bikes of Hope homeless ministry, and park cleanup.

Pick up on Tuesday at 5:30pm at Shoreline.

*Money needed for dinner on Sunday
*Meals provided on Monday and Tuesday (Dinner not provided).
Items needed:
- Bible, pen, notebook
- Sleeping bag
- Pillow
- Toiletries
- Change of clothes
- Bicycle
- $$ for dinner Sunday night

If you have further questions, please contact Carlie Hainline, Student Ministries Admin chainline@shorelinechurch.org




Home Group Locations

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High School Home Group locations.

Wednesdays- 6:30-8:30PM Davis Home Group-1284 Adobe ln, Pacific Grove, CA
Thursdays- 6:30-8:30PM Hankard Home Group-50 Harper Canyon rd, Salinas, CA

Home Groups start January 22nd and 23rd.

Contact Carlie for more information.

Home Group Parent Info Meeting | Jan 10th

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HG-Wordpress-Parent Info Meeting


This Friday!

Parents and students….Join us for a time to hang out and hear about the vision behind Home Groups. Coffee and dessert will be provided.

Jan 10th, Friday

Contact Carlie Hainline

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