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On February 16, 2014, in Production, by Shoreline Media

We are testing a live stream of our 10 am Service Every week. If you cannot make it to church, are traveling, or no longer live in Monterey are have not found a church home yet. Check out our Live Stream.


-Production Needs-

On October 22, 2013, in Production, by Shoreline Media

The Shoreline Production Team is looking for additional people who want to join our audio, video, lighting, and stage teams.
We have many service opportunities available and training available.

email For More information.


Shoreline Production Team Info Meeting September

On September 5, 2012, in Production, by Shoreline Media

Join the Production Team & learn about some great ways to serve God through technology. We are expanding our roles to support the delivery of the Gospel, not only locally, but globally through video on the web. Sign up in the Connections Center on Sunday for September 29th, 10-11:30a to learn more about our ministry and claim your pixelated team t-shirt.If you would like additional information send us an email.

We look forward to serving with you!

-Shoreline Production Team-


Meet Paul Young!

On July 17, 2012, in Production, by Shoreline Production Team

Introducing…Paul Young!

Paul is the Shoreline Production Team’s video production coordinator. He is responsible for scheduling and coordinating broadcast volunteers to run the cameras, do video switching, and perform live editing. He closely communicates with the camera operators for smooth video transitions. Paul has volunteered in this capacity for approximately three years. He began volunteering because he loves video. When the broadcast ministry began at Shoreline, Paul joined it and was trained by our Technical Director, Ben Huey. Paul’s previous qualifications were shooting video and commercials on the side.

Paul enjoys that he can utilize his talents, and that this ministry provides him with a creative outlet in which to do so. In being the video production coordinator, Paul views the sermons three times and feels that this is God’s desire for him. It allows him to focus on what the Lord would have him hear through the pastors. He also enjoys working with his team and learning together.

Paul is greatly encouraged by the books of Matthew and John, as well as the men’s bible study he attends, that is led by Pastor Dennis.

When asked what advice he would have for someone who may be thinking about serving on his team, Paul’s main advice would be to approach a member of the Shoreline Production Team, and not to be discouraged, because anyone can serve. Everyone comes into service with varying levels of knowledge, but all are welcome! Some of Paul’s volunteers are quite new to the ministry, yet his team functions like a close-knit family.Working in close proximity to each other, Paul’s volunteers learn a lot about each other and are there to support each other. They also like to have fun!

If Paul could do anything with his life, with the knowledge that he could not go wrong, he would like to go on missions trips and record what happens. He would like others to have a visual representation of how even those in dire circumstances can still have hope and trust in God.

Technology Tidbit – Insights into who we are; in ministry and in Christ

On June 11, 2012, in Production, by Shoreline Production Team

A little birdie told me a few months ago that the church staff was reading the book, Replenish, by Lance Witt. After being told what a great book it is, I decided to read along. Being fairly new to ministry, this book has taught me so much about myself and how I should be serving in ministry. Having said that, Chapter 20 of the book, Replenish, was especially eye-opening for me.

Chapter 20 is entitled “Identity Theft,” and discusses how as a son or daughter of Jesus, we are His family, a truth, I think, is so easily overlooked at times. Our places in the Kingdom of Heaven are not dependent on our works or performance here on earth. Upon reading this, I knew that the Lord was speaking to me through this chapter. The line between my identity and my various ministries had gotten blurred.

Replenish explains, “When identity gets wrapped up in ministry, you put more weight than you should in praise and criticism from others.” This leads to becoming driven to perform in a way that is applauded and affirmed. In my case, I would get such a rush from doing work for the Lord. My various team members were so affirming, and a prideful part of me relished their praise. I began taking on more and more tasks, and I was so happy that I was able to do so! It made me feel good to know I was taking the pressure off of others, and was counted on for being reliable. But eventually reality hit.

I began to realize I was doing the work, but leaving God out of the equation. When I first started in ministry, I would pray continually while doing whatever task I was assigned. Somewhere along the way, I had lost that. I got too caught up in the actual work itself than on who I was performing it for. I was following the world’s view of trying to prove myself, and being an overachiever, rather than God’s voice saying “Rest in me, I am your Shepherd.” I also began to see things in myself that I didn’t like. I began to feel threatened when other talented people joined the ministries I was involved in. I guess I wanted to be the “top dog” and didn’t want anyone to knock me off of my self-made pedestal. Ministry became a political arena where I was determined not be overlooked or stepped on.

And finally I crumbled. I’m so glad I did because it opened the door of communication for me to share what I was feeling with my ministry mentors. I am in such a better place now. I realized how much pressure I had put on myself and how I had let my pride get in the way of doing things for the glory of God. Not the glory of Christie. He has assigned me my cup and portion. Although I will probably always want to do more, I have to have boundaries for myself and with others.

Replenish states that, “When Jesus heard God’s voice–it wasn’t directional or instructional–it was relational…”This is my Son…When you really get it, when you really understand how loved and blessed you are, the grip of approval addiction begins to loosen…When gratitude and sonship fill your heart, it spills over. Without competition or comparison or insecurity, we are free to bless others…We can allow others to succeed without envy because our identity isn’t wrapped up in our achieving. We are God’s children. And that is enough.”

I am so happy to say that through much prayer, I get it. I have loosened the reins on myself but still strive for excellence. I have happily given some things over to others. I now can applaud and affirm the efforts of others. God is teaching me so much. In fact, I feel “replenished.”

- Christie Sitterly


Thank you Christie for that wonderful article. I will wrap it with this:  as we serve God using technology and production tools we have at our disposal, it is easy to become caught up with how cool we are and the amazing  ”things” we can create. When a service goes smoothly without technical glitch, when all of the elements come together and create an amazing environment for people to meet with God, we need to keep this at our core: All praise, All Glory is for God. We exist as a team for this purpose, to provide a space where people can meet and worship with God, where we all can worship and sustain living a life with and for Jesus Christ. Keep up the Good Work!

-Ben Huey: Technical Director

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